The idea

Share! is the world's less expensive platform to promote, People-to-People, contents on social networks.

A users publish his/her content on Share!, thus reaching public visibility. He can also directly contact other users to offer his sharing activity.

The user reached by an offer (or the user finding an interesting content) will be able to evalute the offer, see the content in more detail and chat privately with the author by using an integrated chat system.
Users can exchange credits, which are purchased from the mobile app itself.
Once an agreement has been reached, a user can transfer credits to the other one.

A user is rewarded with money, not by giving gift cards, ONLY by SHARING a content on its "social" pages.

This means that Share! does not employ pay for clicks, number of likes and comments, subscriptions mechanisms, you just need, as already said, to SHARE.

Once a minimum number of credits are reached, every user will be able to cash them in in exchange of Amazon gifts, PayPal transaction and other proposed solutions.

Share! makes users "ambassadors of contents". Thanks to word-of-mouth, it enables a new relational marketing approach, which is tailored for "promotion".

Share! does not differentiate between simple people or brands, it permits to anyone to promote its contents. It employs a transparency system which limits fraud actions and stimulates an "ideal" behaviour of its users.


Thanks to active users participation and creation of contents, the platform offers a real point of contact between "actors/users". It gives values, even with money, to activities made by users.

A real p2p marketing and self-promotion system, which motivates people to carry on other people's contents, just by using a little initial investment. In this way, other realities like marketing agencies and advertisment systems, will be perceived as "far away" and more "full of clutter".

The content created gains a value because it is NOT "artifically" generated. The "human" action is naturally recognized.

Problems solved

Giving visibility to contents which cannot be seen only as products and give importance to people and online actions.

Social marketing containers progressively, the more they are used, loses effectivness and appeal with regards to the targeted users.

The lack of a useful system to expand visibility of a content with a reasonable price makes it difficult to create successful, low-budget, marketing campaigns.


Giving value to contents shared by people, which generate a more powerful impact with respect of marketing containers.

Stimulate people to be ambassadors of contents of other people.

Create a sharing economy service which can enable EVERYONE to promote their contents with a reasonable investement.

How it works?

The service offers tools to publish and navigate through contents, which will be reachable by using the mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.

Share! stimulates connections between content creators and promoters which are constantly searching for new media to share by offering a monetary reward to these ones.
These rewards are directly offered by creators in order to boost and promote their contents by means of sharing activities.

This system calculates the "social weight" of each user by using an algorithm which analyzes, for every social platform, all the user's connections (eg. number of followers/friends) and it interpolates results obtaining a detector of relevance/popularity. This result is also determined by taking into account the relevance of each social platform reached, which is calculated dinamically and it's based on mediatic "relevance".

The service has tools to analyze and track users' actions and sharing activities. In this way, it will be easy to verify the value and consistency of the sharing actions. Moreover, there will be tools to have feedback and generate reports about activities and users' operations.


The service is 0.89 € per year and gains a percentage (3%) from credits purchases.

The platform is usable by all users which are active on social media: eg. in a single month, more than 30 billions of contents are shared on Facebook. Considering other social media (Twitter - 43M tweets per day -, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest and SoundCloud), the number of shared contents is even more.

According to the estimates, the global market will potentially reach €

Three-year estimates

Monthly costs

Monthly revenues per users